Recognised at the Swiss Wedding Award 2023

Pentola D'Argento, led by founder Marco Tridici, is delighted to have won 15 out of 16 gold ribbons in the catering category at this year's Swiss Wedding Award.


The Swiss Wedding Award is a prestigious award that recognises the best service providers and experts in the Swiss wedding industry. The award is characterised by its careful assessment and recognition of excellence in various wedding categories.

The catering category of the Swiss Wedding Award is particularly demanding, as it requires not only culinary masterpieces, but also a unique atmosphere and first-class service during the wedding reception. It’s not just about the flavour of the food, but also about creativity in menu design, visual presentation and the ability to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

The 16 gold ribbons represent the different aspects of catering performance, including menu innovation, presentation, hospitality and overall experience. These ribbons symbolise the comprehensive assessment carried out by the judges to ensure that all facets of the catering are taken into account. Pentola D’Argento received 15 of these ribbons, indicating unrivalled consistency and quality in all assessment criteria. This is a remarkable achievement that underlines the company’s outstanding quality and high standards in the catering sector.

Marco Tridici, founder of Pentola D’Argento, was proud of the company’s recognition: ‘The Swiss Wedding Award sets high standards and we are grateful for the acknowledgement of our efforts in various areas of catering. This award is a tribute to the whole team who work hard to create unforgettable wedding moments.’ These words reflect the dedication and commitment that Pentola D’Argento puts into its work to make every event a unique experience.

Swiss Wedding Award Pentola D`Argento
Swiss Wedding Award Pentola D`Argento

The detailed judging criteria of the Swiss Wedding Awards, together with the comprehensive review of the entries, ensure that the winners represent the top in their category. The jury, consisting of industry experts, thoroughly reviews each entry to ensure that only the best of the best are honoured. This rigorous evaluation method ensures that the Swiss Wedding Award remains a reliable seal of quality and excellence.

Pentola D’Argento is proud to have met these exacting standards. The award of almost all gold ribbons shows that the company excels not only in one, but in almost all aspects of catering. This is proof of the continuous development and striving for perfection that characterises Pentola D’Argento.

The success of Pentola D’Argento serves as an inspiration and benchmark for future bridal couples and event planners. It shows that with dedication, creativity and hard work, extraordinary experiences can be created that will be remembered. The recognition by the Swiss Wedding Award confirms that Pentola D’Argento is a leading provider of wedding catering that meets the highest standards and never fails to impress.

The influence of this award extends beyond the success of the company and serves as a role model for the entire industry. Other caterers and service providers can learn from Pentola D’Argento’s recipe for success and raise their own standards. This will help to raise the overall quality and standard of wedding services in Switzerland and make future weddings even more memorable. Continuous improvement and the exchange of best practices among the best in the industry are key elements that are promoted by the Swiss Wedding Award.


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