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Experience innovative event catering

Immerse yourself in the world of Mediterranean flavours. With event catering from Pentola D’Argento, you will not only experience a culinary journey, but rather a way of life in which cooking becomes an art form. Mamma-Charme embodies the essence of Italianità in all its informality, surprise and authenticity.

For Pentola D’Argento event catering, good food is not just a question of the quality of the ingredients, but rather a passionate artisan craft. Pentola D’Argento prepares delicious dishes for its guests that combine tradition and innovation. The kitchen reinterprets traditional recipes and transforms them into fresh and unique creations thanks to innovative cookery.

A culinary firework display of fresh, fine and flavoursome ingredients and spices unfolds in the pots. These inspire the imagination of your guests and create a culinary cinema that will be remembered for a long time. At Pentola D’Argento, it is not just the preparation of food that takes centre stage, but rather the art of telling stories and evoking emotions.

Pentola D’Argento from Zurich is your partner for Mediterranean event catering and food entertainment in Switzerland. The creations reflect a creative blend of passion and lifestyle. They are passionate about designing holistic concepts of enjoyment and fine dining that not only touch the palate but also the soul.

Whether you are looking for classic event catering for your corporate event or emotional event catering for private occasions such as a wedding or a birthday, Pentola D’Argento will provide you with comprehensive support for your indoor or outdoor events. Pentola D’Argento offers the whole package, from food to staff and decoration, to make every occasion unique. Immerse yourself and let yourself be enchanted!

Company events and corporate caterings

Pentola D’Argento offers specialised event catering for corporate events of all kinds.

This means focusing on creating customised culinary experiences that are perfectly tailored to the needs and objectives of business events.

Catering services for corporate events include the provision of high-quality food and beverages that not only meet gastronomic requirements, but also support the professional atmosphere and character of the event. From elegant business lunches and conference catering to festive gala dinners, Pentola D’Argento offers a wide range of culinary options.

Marco Tridici and his team are at your side to develop individual event catering and ensure that your corporate event, be it a customer event, employee event, company party, information event, product presentation, VIP event, trade fair catering, investor presentation, gala event, meeting or seminar catering, will be an impressive and unforgettable event.

Company event

Event catering for corporate events is designed to make corporate events a culinary highlight. High-quality products and tailor-made menus help to create a professional and festive atmosphere.

Customer event

Catering services for customer events are designed to create a positive and memorable experience for your customers. From elegant receptions to customised menus, we offer culinary highlights that will delight your customers.

Employee event

Employees deserve special recognition. Event catering for employee events creates a relaxed atmosphere in which team spirit is encouraged. From buffets to live cooking stations, we provide a culinary experience that strengthens the cohesion of your team.

Company party

The event catering services for a company celebration are designed to celebrate success and promote team spirit. Exquisite food and drinks create a festive atmosphere that inspires and connects your employees.

Information event

For information events, we offer an event catering solution that inspires your guests and draws their attention to the information presented. The menus are designed to please both the mind and the palate.

Product presentation

Event catering for product presentations supports the event by drawing attention to your products. Pentola D’Argento creates an appealing environment and offers culinary delights that make the presentation unforgettable.


VIP events require a special touch. With event catering for VIP events, exclusive menus and first-class service are offered to ensure that your VIP guests have an unforgettable experience.

Trade fair catering

Event catering is created for trade fair events to impress and invigorate participants. From finger food to gourmet dishes, we make sure that your trade fair presence is a culinary memory.

Investor presenation

Catering services for investor presentations are designed to create a professional and elegant atmosphere. High quality food and beverages are provided to enhance your presentation.

Gala event

Gala events require first-class event catering. We create a culinary experience that is in harmony with the elegance and glamour of the event.


Meeting catering solutions offer a choice of accessible yet delicious food to boost the efficiency and productivity of your meetings.

Seminar catering

Event catering is offered for seminars, which promotes both cognitive performance and enjoyment. The selection of meals supports the participants during the seminar.

Private event

A private event is a very special occasion that celebrates personal moments and emotional highlights.

Pentola D’Argento understands that these events are unique and require a personalised culinary touch. Therefore, specialised catering is offered to make your private event an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, a christening, a family celebration, a dinner party or a baby shower – Pentola D’Argento has the perfect culinary offer for you. The catering services are designed to enhance the atmosphere of your event while providing exquisite food and drinks that will delight your guests.

Pentola D’Argento attaches great importance to the individuality of each private event. Pentola D’Argento understands that anniversaries are emotional journeys through time, birthdays are festive occasions to celebrate, weddings are unforgettable love stories, christenings are meaningful rituals, family celebrations are gatherings full of love, dinner parties are culinary adventures and baby showers are sweet anticipation for the newest member of the family.

Pentola D’Argento’s catering experts are on hand to ensure that every detail of your event is perfect. Pentola D’Argento looks forward to turning your special moments into an unforgettable feast for the senses.


An anniversary is a special milestone that should be celebrated in style. Anniversary catering offers exquisite menus and professional service to make these occasions an unforgettable celebration of joy and achievement.


Treat yourself or your loved ones to a special birthday celebration with catering. Treat yourself and your guests to high-quality food and make the party unforgettable. Pentola D’Argento will advise you and cater to your specific wishes so that every guest is satisfied and the birthday person in particular is happy.


Your wedding should be an unforgettable experience with culinary highlights to delight you and your guests. Pentola d’Argento is your catering partner and will do everything in its power to make this a reality. With creativity, passion and flair, even the most unusual requests are taken into account. After all, your best day should be just as you have always dreamed it would be.


The christening of a family member is a significant and joyous occasion. Catering for christenings offers you a choice of menus that emphasise the festive atmosphere. Pentola d’Argento understands the importance of this event and will ensure that your family celebration after the christening is unforgettable.

Family party

What could be better than a convivial celebration with the family? Of course, a really good meal is part of a successful occasion. The bigger the family, the greater the effort. Thanks to its Italian roots, Pentola d’Argento knows how important the family is. The menu is discussed together and the individual wishes of the guests are taken into account.

Dinner party

Dinner parties are special occasions to gather friends and family. Dinner party catering brings sophisticated menus and first-class service directly to your home. Enjoy the evening while the experts take care of the culinary details.


The anticipation of the arrival of a new family member deserves a loving celebration. Catering for baby showers includes delicious food and sweet treats that emphasise the joy and excitement of this special moment. The catering takes care of the food so that you can concentrate fully on the anticipation.

Other events

For all events that go beyond the boundaries of private and business settings, Pentola D’Argento presents culinary expertise that leaves nothing to be desired.

Whether it’s a public event, a thrilling sporting event, sophisticated board catering or the exclusive services of a private chef, Pentola d’Argento’s catering service is designed to transform any event into an unforgettable culinary masterpiece.

With Pentola D’Argento at your side, every event, be it a public event, a fascinating sporting event, sophisticated board catering or the exclusive services of a private chef, becomes a feast for the senses. The excellent catering captures the essence of every event and creates an atmosphere that pampers guests with unforgettable culinary experiences.

Public Event

Public events are lively gatherings where the atmosphere of community and enthusiasm is paramount. Pentola D’Argento helps to intensify this sense of community by providing high-quality food and drinks that emphasise the energy and vibrant life of such events.

Sports event

Sporting events are often characterised by excitement and passion. Pentola D’Argento understands the importance of culinary support at these events and offers catering that reflects the intensity of the competition. From high-energy snacks to upscale menus, the offerings are designed to excite sports fans and turn the day into a culinary highlight.

Board catering

Board catering, whether in the form of business meetings, family celebrations or a wedding, requires a sophisticated culinary touch. The catering options on the ships of the Schiffahrts-Genossenschaft Greifensee (SGG) offer a wide range of high-quality food and drinks that are perfectly tailored to the needs of events on the water.

Private Chef

For exclusive private events, such as the services of a private chef, Pentola D’Argento focuses on unique culinary experiences. Sturgeon chef Marco Tridici and his team will transform your private space into a gourmet retreat by creating customised menus and putting on a culinary show right on the spot.

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