Mediterranean-Italian catering

Grandma's greetings from the kitchen

In the world of Pentola D’Argento, the best fresh ingredients and passionate cookery come together.

Because food is more than just a meal; it is a gateway to sensual and emotional experiences The flavours, aromas, colours and textures have the power to evoke memories, refresh on hot summer days, warm in the cold months and give access to distant lands. As a caterer, Pentola D’Argento understands its responsibility to enhance unforgettable moments with culinary delights – characterised by warmth, quality, creativity and professionalism.

Pentola D’Argento’s catering takes you on a culinary journey through traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and promises varied menus full of flavour. Personally selected, fresh national and international ingredients guarantee the highest quality and culinary delights for every occasion.

Inspired by Italian culture, Mediterranean delicacies are presented according to the motto “Fatto in casa”. This unique combination creates a fascinating palette of flavours that will delight all guests.

Marco Tridici’s cuisine is characterised by passion, which is reflected in every dish. Quality, innovation and excellent service are our top priorities. With great care and passion, we ensure that every dish fulfils the highest standards and enchants the palates of our guests.

Depending on the requirements and size of the catering, the Pentola D’Argento team is expanded with long-standing partners consisting of experienced chefs and service specialists. Thanks to regular collaboration, they all form a well-rehearsed team that rounds off every event with professional service.

Live Cooking Pentola D'Argento

The silver pan

The name for the catering Pentola D’Argento or “The Silver Pan” was not chosen by chance.

A speciality of Marco Tridici and his team is to offer guests an impressive show and prepare delicacies à la minute in a large silver pan in front of everyone’s eyes with the help of live cooking. Live cooking of a special kind, where the love of flavour can not only be seen but also tasted. An unrivalled wow effect for every occasion.

Pentola D’Argento doesn’t just cook – it creates a unique atmosphere in which enjoyment becomes a shared experience. From the silver pan straight to the plate, a culinary performance is offered that turns every event into something special.v

The live cooking presentations will melt the hearts of your guests. The silver pan is not just a tool in the kitchen, but a symbol of the special experience that Pentola D`Argento offers.


Owner and head chef

Born in Puglia and raised in Emilia Romagna, the founder of Pentola D’Argento, Marco Tridici, not only brings the flavours and customs of southern and northern Italy with him, but also combines them in his cuisine and breathes life into them with passion.

Inspired by his own family tradition, Marco sees the large table and the dishes arranged on it as a symbol of living community. For him, dedication in the kitchen is a declaration of love, which is why he doesn’t just invite people to eat, but to be together.

His flair for high-quality, flavoursome and perfectly presented dishes is no coincidence. Marco Tridici’s culinary background goes back a long way. As a young boy, he looked enthusiastically into his nonna’s pots and grew up with the traditional and authentic cuisine of flavour. The emotions of his nonna and his mother laid the foundation. Through training and experience, he developed the necessary finesse in planning and cookery.

With his Pentola D’Argento catering, Marco conjures up Mediterranean delicacies that are infused with aroma, sunshine and flavour. The focus is always on the product, and you can taste this in every bite.

As a passionate chef and connoisseur, Marco Tridici brings the flavours and traditions of Italy to Zurich and throughout Switzerland. The roots of his culinary journey characterise every dish he prepares and make Pentola D’Argento a unique culinary experience.

More is not enough

The passion for detailed staging is reflected in every aspect of the catering. Fresh ingredients of the highest quality and passionate craftsmanship in preparation are the cornerstones of our work. Always with the aim of weaving the fascination of customised dishes into every facet of the event.

Every product used at Pentola D’Argento has an intense aroma and is bursting with flavour after cooking. The focus is always on the product itself. And this dedication is reflected in every bite. Marco Tridici understands the value of excellent ingredients and does everything in his power to create a culinary experience that delights the senses through careful selection and preparation.

A dish can only taste as good as the quality of its original ingredients. For this reason, great importance is attached to outstanding and fresh ingredients. Freshness is the basic building block for unrivalled enjoyment. The dishes prepared by Catering Pentola D’Argento reflect the authenticity of the ingredients and allow the flavours to shine in their purest form.

It goes without saying that Pentola D’Argento takes personal taste into account when planning the menu and all other steps. Not only preferences are taken into account, but also allergies, intolerances and personal eating styles such as vegan or vegetarian. Every customer and guest should not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also feel that their individual preferences and needs have been taken into account.

In order to be in harmony with nature, we prefer to use only seasonal products from regional suppliers that we know personally. Quantity planning is based on many years of experience in order to avoid unnecessary leftovers. Care is taken to ensure that every guest leaves the event full and satisfied. However, if any food is left over, it is handled responsibly – either by giving it away or donating it to charitable organisations. At Pentola D’Argento, we not only think about the pleasure of the moment, but also about our responsibility towards the environment and the community.

An intensive pleasure trip


The planning of every event at Pentola D’Argento unfolds during personal discussions. Customer wishes and individual preferences are discussed together in order to define the event concept and menu preferences. This involves working out what should be at the centre of the celebration, which culinary delicacies should be presented and how personal tastes can be optimally taken into account.

The personalised support provided by Marco Tridici himself ensures short communication channels, planning reliability and professional expertise.


After the initial meetings, the preparation of our culinary journey begins. Every detail, no matter how small, is carefully considered to ensure that the upcoming event is an unforgettable experience.

From start to finish, we equip each party with the necessary staff and equipment – be it a bar, a tent, a barbecue, chairs or benches, a music system, decorations or crockery. Every aspect is carefully thought through and coordinated to create a harmonious overall experience. A menu proposal and initial cost details continue the path to realisation.

At the customer’s request, a test meal is organised to increase anticipation and ensure that every taste is met with perfection.


Once the order has been placed, Pentola D’Argento dedicates itself with great passion to the preparations and the event on site. This allows the hosts to concentrate on their guests and the party and enjoy the day to the full. Every ingredient is carefully coordinated to create an overall experience that exceeds expectations.

The dedication of the team makes the event not only a culinary experience, but also a sensual and unforgettable one.

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