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1. Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the contractual relationship for catering services between you as the customer and Pentola D’Argento Banqueting & Catering Marco Tridici (caterer).

2. services of the caterer

The customer assigns the event catering exclusively to the caterer in accordance with the offer. The Caterer undertakes to organise the catering with due care. The caterer shall endeavour to carry out the catering on time and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. When selecting food and beverages, emphasis is placed on impeccable quality. All rights to the ideas, suggestions, designs, sketches, illustrations and texts presented are the intellectual property of the caterer.

3. agreement between you and the caterer

Basierend auf Ihren Angaben unterbreitet Ihnen der Caterer ein detailliertes Angebot. Dieses ist für beide Seiten nicht verbindlich. Nach Klärung etwaiger Anpassungen bestätigt der Caterer den Auftrag schriftlich mit einer detaillierten Auftragsbestätigung und Anhängen. Ein Auftrag kann mündlich oder schriftlich erfolgen, spätestens jedoch mit der schriftlichen Auftragsbestätigung des Caterers. Details der Vereinbarungen ergeben sich aus der schriftlichen Auftragsbestätigung und den Anhängen.

4. Test meals

Test meals can be organised on request and are offered free of charge when the order is placed. If there is no cooperation, the test meal will be invoiced based on the cost of goods and labour.

5. Changes to the number of persons

The caterer must be notified in writing of any changes to the number of guests at least 10 days before the event. Later changes cannot be guaranteed. Additional persons will be invoiced to the customer retrospectively and adjustments may be made to the calculated prices.

6. Minor changes

The caterer reserves the right to make minor adjustments in the event of short-term changes in the market offer or due to supply bottlenecks. Your interests and wishes will be taken into account and an equivalent order fulfilment will be offered. Dabei werden Ihre Interessen und Wünsche berücksichtigt, und es wird eine gleichwertige Auftragserfüllung angeboten.

7. Prices

Prices are quoted in Swiss francs and include VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

8. Payment on account

If the value of the catering exceeds CHF 10,000, a payment on account of 80% of the calculated costs is due upon acceptance of the order confirmation by you. This must be credited to the caterer’s account at least 5 days before the event.

9. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation by you, the caterer will charge the following costs:

  • Up to 30 working days before the event: the costs incurred will be charged
  • 29 – 14 working days before the event: 50% of the agreed service
  • 13 – 4 working days before the event: 75% of the agreed service
  • 3 – 0 working days before the event: 100% of the agreed service

10. Infrastructure, cleaning and waste disposal

Unless otherwise agreed, you will provide the caterer with the necessary infrastructure free of charge. The caterer is responsible for cleaning the catering inventory, while you are generally responsible for cleaning and disposal.

11. Loss of and damage to the caterer’s equipment

Material provided by the caterer must be returned by you complete and undamaged within 48 hours of the event. Loss and damage caused by employees or guests will be charged to you. Verluste und Beschädigungen durch Angestellte oder Gäste gehen zu Ihren Lasten.

12. purchase of goods and logistics

The caterer is responsible for purchasing the goods, using them in the catering and taking care of logistics. Purchasing is for the account of the caterer, which is why you have no obligations or claims arising from the caterer’s agreements with its suppliers.

13. employees of the caterer, liability of auxiliary persons

The caterer shall provide the staff in accordance with the agreement.

14. insurances / authorisations

Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible for ensuring the necessary insurance cover for property damage and personal injury. You are also responsible for all legally required authorisations in connection with an event.

15. Liability

The caterer accepts no liability for damage or accidents to you.

16. Invoicing and payment

After the event has been held, you will receive an invoice from the caterer, which must be paid in full within 10 days of the invoice date.

17. partial validity

If a provision of the agreement contradicts a mandatory statutory provision, the legally permissible provision that comes closest to the original intention of the parties shall apply in place of this provision. The validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Die Gültigkeit der übrigen Bestimmungen bleibt davon unberührt.

18. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The agreement is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Zurich.

Status: January 2024

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