A catering service with a bite

Satisfied customers and delighted guests

The Pentola D’Argento catering service draws its greatest inspiration from the satisfaction of its customers and the enthusiasm of their guests.

Since 2017, Marco Tridici has been focussing on innovative event catering and catering to create beaming faces. Immerse yourself in a representative collection of catering service references and let the quality of Pentola D’Argento’s work convince you. If you would like more information about the catering service, you are welcome to contact Marco Tridici.

Testimonials from our catering service

Where luxury and culinary excellence meet

We would like to thank you very much for your outstanding work on our event. Her culinary creations were not only delicious, but also of the highest quality and sophistication. The presentation of the appetisers was just as impressive as the taste – a real treat for the senses.

The team was highly professional, attentive and efficient to ensure that everything ran smoothly. It has been a great pleasure to work with you. This will certainly not be the last time we book a catering service with you.

We would like to thank you once again for the great service. Marco and his team made a significant contribution to making our event an unforgettable experience for all participants. We are already looking forward to working with Pentola D’Argento again in the future.



We had the pleasure of experiencing Pentola D’Argento’s catering for our partner event with Breitling SA and it lived up to our expectations.

The Italian-Mediterranean delicacies, from the tempting appetisers to the perfect combination of buffet, live cooking and served dishes, delighted our guests and us in equal measure.

The excellent food on offer from Pentola D’Argento not only tantalised our taste buds, but also perfectly complemented our event. We would particularly like to emphasise the professional support provided by Marco Tridici. His commitment and expertise helped to ensure that our event ran smoothly and that every moment could be enjoyed.

Many thanks to the entire Pentola D’Argento team for this unforgettable culinary experience and the first-class service. We recommend Pentola D’Argento as a partner for exclusive catering at the highest level.


Exquisite and professional catering service with an elegant Italian touch

Pentola D’Argento offers an exquisite and professional catering service with an impressive attention to detail.
The refined Italian flavour can be felt in every dish, making the gastronomic pleasure a unique experience. An excellent choice for sophisticated events where quality and style are important.

H.M. Head of Reception & Eventmanagement Lenz & Staehelin

delicious surprises and tempting flavours at the Flying APÉRO

We had the exceptional pleasure of organising our flying aperitif for our client event with the help of Marco Tridici’s outstanding team and his catering team from Pentola D’Argento, and it was an unforgettable culinary experience.

From the first moments of the reception to the last farewell, our guests and we felt pampered in a world of delicious surprises and seductive flavours. The Mediterranean-inspired creations, skilfully presented and masterfully prepared, filled our palates with delight and left a lasting impression.

In addition to the undeniable quality of the canapés, we were impressed by the professionalism shown in the advance planning and realisation of the event. Every detail was carefully considered and perfectly orchestrated, from the wines to the harmonious design of the aperitif flow.

We would particularly like to emphasise the discreet and at the same time attentive care of the service staff. They made sure that our guests always felt looked after without being intrusive.

All in all, our Flying Apéro was an all-round successful experience that made our event an unforgettable highlight. We would like to thank the entire Pentola D’Argento team for their outstanding performance and look forward to future opportunities to work together. Your professionalism, creativity and dedication make you an indispensable partner for first-class events – time and time again.

L. F. Executive Assistant to the Head Switzerland, CHARLES MONAT

Top-class Italian catering SERVICE meets world market leader in the wellness sector

We would like to thank you for the successful cooperation at the opening of our Technogym Boutique in Zurich, which was attended by 140 invited guests, including well-known personalities.

The Pentola D’Argento team, led by Marco Tridici, excelled in every respect and created a first-class catering experience.

As the global market leader in wellness, fitness and sport, it is very important for us to open our new location at Pellikanstrasse 5 in Zurich, a hotspot for luxury fashion and lifestyle labels.

The outstanding quality of the service and the cuisine contributed significantly to the success of our event.
We would particularly like to emphasise the outstanding performance of the kitchen and service staff, who created an unforgettable experience for our guests with professionalism and dedication.

From the very first moment, they made sure that our guests felt completely at ease and were able to concentrate on the experience.
From the creative presentation of the flavourful dishes to the attention to every detail, the highest level of service was provided, making the event a memorable one.

C.K. Event Manager Technogym

A touch of Italian sophistication in catering service

We at Cosanum AG are still delighted with the Mediterranean delicacies that tantalised our taste buds on the one hand and gave our company event an atmospheric journey through the sunny landscapes of Italy on the other.

Marco Tridici and the Pentola D’Argento team are characterised by a magical blend of presence and subtle attention – an art that only true professionals can master.

In addition to the culinary highlights, we were also very impressed by the professionalism of the planning and realisation. Every detail was carefully thought through and the service was seamlessly integrated into the flow of our event.

This catering is synonymous with elegance and perfection.

V. A. Creative Marketer of Violet Arts, Cosanum AG


We had the pleasure of working with Pentola D’Argento on an exclusive corporate event that we organised on behalf of our client. From the very beginning, the collaboration with Pentola D’Argento was extremely professional and smooth. The whole team was very flexible and committed, and their efforts went above and beyond what is expected of a catering service.

The culinary experience that Pentola D’Argento created for our event was simply spectacular. The dishes were not only impeccable in flavour, but also artfully presented. We were impressed by their ability to cater to our client’s specific wishes while offering a culinary experience of the highest quality.

We would also like to emphasise the excellent personal support provided by Pentola D’Argento. They managed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere which helped to make our event a complete success. Guests were delighted with the attention to detail and the exceptional service provided by Pentola D’Argento.

E.W. CEO Le Conseil Consierge & Event Agentur


For the 56th General Assembly of the Volketswil Industrial Association on 15 September 2023, we had the pleasure of hiring Marco Tridici and his catering company Pentola D’Argento to provide catering during our cruise on the Uster boat on Lake Greifensee. From an exquisite aperitif to live cooking with a risotto prepared with seasonal mushrooms, Marco has created an impressive culinary experience. He also served a delicious trilogy of meat dishes as the main course, while two alternative options were available for vegetarians. The relaxing boat trip came to a perfect end with a refreshing dessert. From start to finish, Marco impressed us with his professionalism and passion for his profession. His charm contributed to the fact that the entire collaboration was extremely pleasant.

We would like to thank Marco Tridici and the entire Pentola D’Argento team. This collaboration has made our event something special.



We had the pleasure of hiring the catering company Pentola D’Argento for our event, the Greifensee Regatta, and we are extremely satisfied with their outstanding performance. The Pentola D’Argento team not only prepared delicious dishes, but also impressed with their professionalism, efficiency and creativity.

The quality of the food was excellent and the menu was carefully tailored to the needs of our event. The service staff were always attentive, friendly and professional, which contributed to a smooth and enjoyable experience for our guests.

We would like to thank Pentola D’Argento for their excellent work and can warmly recommend their catering service. Their efforts contributed significantly to the success of our event and we would be delighted to work with them again in the future.


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